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Affiliates & Outsourcing Process Service

Affiliate Process Service

We serve thousands of papers each year on behalf of other process service companies, but you would never know it.  Some as exclusive provider in our area, some on-demand and as-needed.  We also outsource process service in Ohio and nationwide.

Market Our Process Service Under Your Company Name

Looking to add revenue stream to your litigation related business? If you do not currently offer Legal Process Service, outsource Process Service operations to Cleveland Service Agency.  We’ll be your ‘Process Service Division’ behind the scenes.  We offer seamless integration into your business.

  • Court Reporting Firms
  • Court Runners
  • Licensed Private Investigators
  • Litigation Support Company
  • Paralegal Service

We will help you market your new Process Service from our offices in Cleveland, OH and Asheville, NC.  We help prepare marketing direct mail post cards, website updates, and online advertising campaigns for process service in your area.  When you outsource process service to Cleveland Service Agency, we’ll manage all other process server affiliates.

You decide the retail price for your outsource process service affiliate and handle all billing with your client.  In business for nearly 2 decades, we know how it’s done: We’ll handle process service logistics and leg work then report back to you.  We send you email updates and provide online login for real-time data from our servers in the field.  Upon request, we can even provide a ‘private label’ client login with your company name to provide your clients.

Process service assignments are often delivered by email.  When you receive an assignment to serve, forward to us (or provide your clients our physical address as your ‘Service of Process’ service center address).  We provide automatic emails and database login for status updates, scanned copies of return of service, and instant status information.  Our return of service has your company name and return address.

Ready to get started?  We specialize in small businesses.  Contact us to find out how we can be your ‘private label’ provider of process service, nationwide.