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Legal Process Service

Legal Service of Process is our specialty.

We offer all other services to support our Ohio Process Service operations.  For nearly two decades, we have been reliably serving papers throughout Ohio and nationally for law firms, government agencies, and other private process servers. Cleveland Service Agency is known for a firm with integrity in Ohio Process Service.

  1. FREE BASIC SKIP TRACE   If you provide an address and pay for FLAT RATE service, we’ll include a basic skip trace at no additional charge if the it turns out to be invalid.  Additional charges for extended skip trace may apply.
  2. HIGH TECH, CURRENT TECHNOLOGY   Our servers have internet access in the field, reply promptly to messages, and can optionally use video to capture your service with GPS coordinates.  Our software is data-interchange capable, we’re ready to integrate with your system.
  3. AUTOMATIC REAL-TIME UPDATES AND SCANNED RETURNS    An email is dispatched immediately upon receipt and successful service. A scanned copy of your affidavit service return is emailed prior to returning original.
  4. PROFESSIONAL AFFIDAVITS    We know you must file documents in Court, and they will become a permanent public record in most jurisdictions.  We always provide professional, notarized Cleveland Ohio Process Service affidavits of service.

WARNING:  When comparing our rates to other servers, watch out for hidden fees.  Be sure to get their TOTAL fee including their additional attempt fees, mileage charges, witness fees and other add-on fees.  Avoid fly by night companies, make sure to ask about experience and how long in business. Are they insured, or licensed private investigators? Our servers have been duly appointed by appropriate authorities where required.

We have digital photograph capabilities and accept email and faxed documents.  Out-of-town clients:  You are responsible for communicating all local laws, rules, regulations and procedures your jurisdiction requires to complete service properly. Offering Ohio and Cleveland Process Service and North Carolina Process Service with Offices in Cleveland and Asheville, we cover the entire United States.

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