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Oil Pipeline Legal Notification Process Service – Right Away Notice

As natural gas and oil pipeline delivery industry advances, Notification Process Service has become increasingly important.  Process Servers needed for national oil pipelines, and also regional gas pipeline right away notification.

When contracting many hundred or thousands of Process Service assignments for right away notification across a regional area, some law firms decide to manage everything themselves.  While the up front cost savings may seem reasonable, lack of familiarity with different regions and process servers in the area can end up costing big money.

Other times pipeline litigation attorneys choose to contract with very small process service companies without a proven track record handling large assignments.  Although the small unproven process service company might subscribe to technology, they don’t always fully utilize it nor understand logistics.

When foreclosures were their highest in the mid-2000’s, our company managed nearly all of the initial summons and complaints on our home and surrounding counties.  It didn’t matter who the law firm was, or what local process server company they hired.  All of them came to Cleveland Service Agency for their ‘boots on the ground’.  We understand the importance of providing prompt, efficient, friendly service with tenacity and integrity.

We have software with technology to offer you:

  • INSTANT, REAL-TIME notification of process service attempts and updates;
  • SCANNED Affidavits of Service;
  • EXPERIENCE handling large assignments;
  • ACCESS to Nationwide Process Service Network

Whether you have 10 jobs in one state, or 1000 across a region, Cleveland Service Agency is ready to handle your pipeline litigation legal process service.

Have an assignment?  Contact us for Pipeline Notification Process Service at +1 888-212-5614.

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