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Process server suspects child welfare issue

Recently, I had an assignment and suspected maybe children might have been alone often. The job personal service only on the first two attempts, third attempt was okay to subserve on another member of household.

On first visit, children obviously under 18 answered door. They immediately got their father, who was polite and indicate the individual we were looking to serve did, in fact, receive mail there but was not home.

On second visit, children obviously under 18 answered door and indicated no adults were home.

On third visit, same thing – children home alone. At this point I became concerned for the children being home alone and asked them for phone number where I could reach parents. Child provided it, and I dialed number. Nobody answered, but voicemail indicated it was, in fact their fathers number – NOT our subject but another member of household.

On fourth visit, children answered door but another adult member of household came to door and was subserved.

Father expectedly caught my caller ID when attempting to reach him days earlier. He rang me and indicated he didn’t feel safe with his kids home alone when a stranger keeps coming over, and that I should either bring or he will call police when I return.

Although we’re on the right side of the law, with every right to go to household however many times it takes to serve the legal papers – it’s always nice to avoid complications. Thankfully, papers were served on the fourth visit and no return visits are necessary.

But, don’t people know it’s not the process servers fault if they leave their kids home alone? A process server should be the last thing they’re worried about coming to the door. If they are worried about the safety of their kids, they shouldn’t leave them home alone – or teach them not to answer the door.

Notwithstanding these circumstances, I’m sure there are child welfare laws regarding leaving kids alone should be avoided.

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